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Contact The 3000 Day Safety Club

If you would like to contact The 3000 Day Safety Club please email the club President Eddie Walker clarence-edward.walker-1@usa.dupont.com.

The club officers and representatives are listed below.

Officers and Representatives

Johnny Combs ------ President

Gary Coleman ------ Vice-President

            ------ Secretary

Keith Beers ------ Sergeant at Arms

Kent Saferight ------ Chaplin

Robin Willis ------ Treasurer

Danny Bryant ------ Management


Danny Wingo

Randall Jones

Lance Ellis

Dave Kirby

Bob Horning

Tom Murphy

Ben Williams

Ben Sydnor

Jay Marks

Kip Rumburg

Wes Clark

Allen Paschall

Johnny Gorman

Beau Tucker

Brent Arnett

Tom Dunston

Ronnie Perry

Eddie Walker

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